Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday (one day early) to my Wonderful Husband!!

I know tomorrow will be crazy and I didn't want to let the opportunity go by to brag on my husband just a bit. Brandon is my best friend and i am so thankful that God brought us together. He continues to make me laugh everyday, encourages me, looks out for my best interests, would do anything in his power to make me happy and be an amazing dad to our boys! He is always ready to give me a break when I need one, clean the house (yep, he is a guy that organizes and cleans...such a blessing) and spoils me. He is my helper and lately has been the shoulder that I often cry on. He makes me smile and reminds me of God's grace and goodness when i need it. I love him so much and am so thankful that his is my husband. I love our life together and am glad God gave him life, 30 years ago...So happy Birthday Brandon!!! You are the Best!

Monday, June 28, 2010


I finally found it time to get rid of my easter egg wreath...just a few months too late and wanted to make something fun for the summer months. I found this tutorial at http://tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com/2010/01/2010-burlap-wreath-and-giveaway.html. I had all the burlap, fabric and also used some felt that I had on hand. I got the wreath form and jewled brads at Michaels for under 10 bucks and away I cut...I ended up probably making over 100 "flowers" which sounds a lot more time consuming than it is (once you cut TONS of circles )you can just layer them in two's or three's and use the brads to keep them together. When I ran out of brads I just hot glued them and then just started layering them on the wreath, once I had wrapped it in burlap. It didn't take long at all and is an easy project to do after the kids are in bed and I think it turned out pretty cute too!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Goin Old School...

Well, I really was going to become a better blogger but I can't seem to locate the cord to my camera that lets me download new pics soooo, I opted to give a shout out to the olden days...here are some fun pics to laugh at of my family many moons ago... :) enjoy! The family...in our christmas best apparently :)
lovin on our little brother, who looks similar to mac as i discovered when i got these pics

my dad and my brother...i love this one!

love the white tux with baby blue ruffle shirt dad!! they are a cute couple though!!!

backyard pool time with my dad. i was not fond of wearing clothing so it seems. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Auburn Trip...

I flew to Auburn a week or so ago with Mac to see my parents and it was sooooo good to be back in California aggain!!! My flight out there...not so smooth, as my flight was delayed 2.5 hours and Mac wasn't the little angel he usually is...but I got there and never will I have to see any of those people who gave me the evil eye on the airplane again! :)
I had my first In-n-Out burger in a YEAR and got to share that same experience with my dad who has also not had meat in about a year as well. It was just as I remembered and we were happy campers. We took in the Auburn Farmers market, shopped quite a bit and all went to my parents church together.
It was a blessing to be able to be there with my sister and brother and his girlfriend, Kasey, who were also visiting at the same time and we enjoyed some great times as a family and with friends. My friend Natalie even drove from Visalia to see me for the day and we had so much fun with one of my mom's newer friends who lives just up the road from her.
Again it was good to be together as a family as we had just learned that the cancer has indeed spread to my dad's bones. We were able to serve my dad as he had just had major surgery to repair his femur that he broke about two weeks ago. He is healing incredibly well for someone that has cancer and the doctor even said he is doing BETTER than someone who is completely healthy. He is such a strong man and was encouraging us in the misdt of his great trial and pain. We continue to pray for a miracle! My beautiful mama, she protested this picture...but look how good she looks, no makeup and all!
Papa and Mac

My brother and his beautiful girlfriend!

Me, my Dad and Mac
I had forgotten my camera so these were the only pics I got of the week, so they will have to do :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Indiana Trip...

Well, I've managed to do it again...got way behind with the blogging! We took a trip to Indiana about a month and a half ago and had a great time as usual. My parents were there also and it we had fun celebrating my neices birthdays while we were there. We had just found out some dissapointing news about my dad's cancer, that it has in fact continued growing and it was so good to all be together as we dealt with the news together.
Since the trip, things have been moving along here. We have been spending lots of time at my in-laws pool and Taeden has proven again to be a little fish in the water. He can swim now which means I have actually been able to relax a bit by the pool because Mac isn't too into the water at this point. He mostly just toddles around the pool and it is a nice break from last summer when I was constantly chasing both boys around the pool (and let me tell you, this pregnant girl is in no mood to be running after these two in the humidity :) I am now 28 weeks. Scheduled for a c-section on Sept. 8th...which is coming quickly!! Can't wait to meet this new little guy who still has no name since boy names are sooo hard for me! Suggestions please??! Will post another blog soon, probably later today as that seems to be what I do...dissappear for a month and come back for a few posts :) My dad and his girls
Continues to be a happy and content little guy...thankful for that!

Some of us, Brandon and Mac were camera guys :)

Mac and Oaks...1 year and 1 pound apart...Oaks is a big boy! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Glad I caught this moment...

We covet your prayers for my dad's healing and also for strength and peace throughout this trial. Keep updated on my sweet dad at:

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. It started early when my sister and her family came to visit us on Wednesday. They stayed through Saturday and we had a great time with them. My sis and I even snuck away to see, The Last Song...it was ok, but we had high expectations because we both LOVED Dear John so we were a little dissapointed (mostly with Miley's acting ability!) We also got the chance to go to the flea market which is literally about 1 mile from my house and is so awesome. Check out my friend Kirras blog for some great pics (kirrasue.blogspot.com) (I obviously need a tutorial on how to show a blog so that you can just click on the name...i am a bit slow.) We said goodbye to ker and clint and then headed to church on Sat. night. It was such an awesome service, a great time of celebrating our Risen Savior! Sunday morning we hung out at home as a family and then spent the afternoon at Brandon's parents house. The kids had a great easter egg hunt and ate way too much sugar...and so did I!!! Here are some pics of the boys on our front porch Easter morning.